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At The Otter Academy, you can learn a varied types of subjects, in which you can improve yourself, your business and your community!

And all of this adapted for each individual needs, whether timing, pace and place - since you can learn at any time you are available, decide your own learning schedule and study at anywhere you are!

And besides the skills you will get, at the end of the courses you will receive a certificate to enrich your curriculum and increase your chances in the market place!

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance individuals acquire technical skills from instructors worldwide, which can help them to the pursuit of their academic and career goals. Additionally, we focus in creating community of knowledge online, where people can interconnect with each other and expand their network reach.

Frequent Asked Questions

Have a look at some of the questions asked by our members. If you have any other question, don't hesitate to ask us!

What is the Otter Academy?

Otter Academy is an online learning platform aiming to share knowledge among people for a fare price.

Do I have to pay something to enroll?

Nope. To enroll in our academy is totally free, which means you have access to several free courses that you are willing to take. Additionally, you can also take paid course from our instructors, so that you can get even deeper knowledge while support and appreciate them.

Do I get certificates?

Yes. After you complete a course, you can download a virtual certificate as well as a link that can be shared on your curriculum.

Is this platform safe?

Completely. Your data will be encrypted and only you has access to your database. Also, we work with the most popular and secure payment gateways, which means, we don't store any of your billing information.

If I purchase a course, for how long do I have access to it?

All purchased courses are for lifetime, regardless to any posterior updates they might get.

Can I become an instructor?

Of course! Anybody has something to share with someone who wants to learn! Click here and learn more about how to become an Instructor at the Otter Academy!

Words from our students

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