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Starting in 2021, we will work under the policy of “no bargaining”, which means that our price is already set and unnegotiable. As everybody knows, business usually mark-up their prices to have room for “negotiation”, which could be quite tiring for both sides. We just want to cut the hassle – we want to practice a fair price, which is the lowest we can go for our products and services.

However, you can let us know about your budget and we will provide you a quotation that attends your needs and fits your pocket!

The Otter Academy is our educational side aiming to provide knowledge regarding to business and marketing to young entrepreneur who are looking for improvement to their business. We aim to offer a varied kinds of courses which aims to reach several areas of knowledge.

And we are also open for teachers who want to teach their own subject! Contact us to learn more about that!

It’s very simple. Just enter our Academy tab above and browse for courses available. You can purchase using COS, bank transfer and popular payment gateways such as OVO and GoPay!

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