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let's build together a better community

Join us in our community programs for mutual support to promote personal and social development!

Why should you join us?

Because a joined community stands stronger!

The Otter Space understands the importance of a society where everybody are equal and fair – that’s why we developed some programs to join our community – to spread the word that together we can do it!

Our social Hours

Since we started, The Otter Space had a big commitment towards unprivileged people, which led us to have educational programs in an orphanage, an educational shelter and in the Juvenile Prison in Medan.

Unfortunately, since February 2020, due to this worldwide biological issue, our social projects has been suspended – but for 2021 we are finding ways to continue with out God-driven passion in support those who are in need.


Otter Community Programs

Our Community Programs are designed for students, young professionals and small businesses owners who are looking for fun, improving their personal skills, make friends and increase their network. Thus, if you are not part of any of our community yet, what are you waiting for!?


A platform for small businesses to gather together, share information and  support each other in order to grow together! 


A community exclusive for professional women looking for friends who share the same difficulties and struggles in life.


Participants will engage in hot discussions about controversial topics while enjoying a delicious meal!


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Because our journey didn’t finish after graduation. Our Otter Academy Alumni will have total support from us!


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General Questions

Unfortunately, our social hours are suspended due to this worldwide biological issue. Leave us a message and as soon as we restart our activities we will contact you for more information.

Otter x Local Business is a community meant for small business owner to network and collaborate with each other to improve their exposure and sales. The Otter Space also provide support to the members so that we can grow stronger together! Click here to learn more about this program!

First of all, you must have XX chromosomes. We also request the member to be 18+ since this is a community meant for college students, young professionals and business owners to exchange experiences, do activities together and prove that women are as capable as men in any aspects! 

This is an open event which everyone aged 16+ can join. As we have limited spots each session (which varies between 10 to 16 spots, according to the topic), we adopt the policy of “first come, first served”.

We also launching our membership program, which provides extra benefits and secures your spot in any session! Check our list of topics we discussed so far and enroll to the next IBC!

What Volunteer Say

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