JCI's National Public Speaking Competition

Public speaking is a science in communication and is an important social skill to interact effectively with other people directly or to an audience. Not only that public speaking is also one of the main abilities in certain fields of work, therefore this competition is held to hone the public speaking skills of the participants to higher goals.



Stage 1 – Enrollment Stage

Deadline: June 28, 2021 – 5pm

Stage 2 – Preliminary Stage

> The Participant must upload their speech video on their Instagram and Tag @jcimedan.id, @jci.indonesia, their own JCI Chapter’s Instagram account and the hashtags #JCIpscIndonesia2021, and #JCIRise until July 1;

> Participants videos will be appraised and 8 of them will be selected to join the Final Stage;

> Participants who don't upload their videos and use the right tags and hashtags will be disqualified.

Stage 3 – Final Stage

Date: July 4, 2021 – 1PM (WIB)
Place: Zoom Meeting (ID to be announced)
All participants are allowed to join the session!


The contestants shall address to one of the given topics at the competition:

> Sustaining and rebuilding economies by supporting small, local businesses;

> Motivating the workforce through youth entrepreneurship;

> Preserving mental health and well-being.

Deposit must be done to JCI Medan Official Account:

BCA 195 255 2222

Darien Wijaya or Steven Guntur

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