Invitation to Test Briefing

We’d love to invite you to our forthcoming Test Briefing. We’ll be using the unique methodology of early stage accelerator Propelia to frame the next 6 months of the project, and articulate why we believe the launch of US/SET is the missing trust-enriching middleware to fast track both remote and local cooperation and resource sharing. Think how Zoom behaves and operates, but instead of protocols around time, date, rooms and meeting recordings, you can effortlessly set the the protocols around how you share and distribute value flows within your collaboration. This will all happen right from the get go, secured on the blockchain. Book your slot for one of the Briefings on Tuesday 2nd March or Tuesday 9th March.

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On our Radar

  • New Forms of Property Sharing

    Bricklet is allowing Australian’s to own property in small ‘fragments’, as well as cooperatively deciding on how the shared property can be used.

    New Forms of Property Sharing
  • Securing & Incentivizing Cooperation

    CO2bit is using the blockchain to incentivise local sustainability projects & smart contracts to guarantee the integrity of cooperation across the globe.

    Securing & Incentivizing Cooperation
  • Trust is a Major Issue Globally

    The Edelman Trust Barometer suggests a significant need for solutions to combat a declining level of trust in institutions and information globally.

    Trust is a Major Issue Globally
  • Energy Asset Sharing Initiatives on the Rise

    Western Australia has announced a plan to pilot the state’s first ‘virtual power plant’ involving 500 households, as more collectively managed, energy assets continue to emerge.

    Energy Asset Sharing Initiatives on the Rise